THEPYLI.COM is completely member generated. It's dedicated to instigating a global paradigm shift to expand perceptual boundaries beyond biological and geopolitical limitations. Existing on multiple levels of reality, a temporal environment, this project was not created to be entertainment, nor art, but as an attempt to re-purpose the infrastucture of the commercial web to create an alternative reality that pushes the boundaries of human experience.

A perpertual and evolutionary journey, this is not a game. There are no instructions or definitions . . . only possibilities, a reality determined by the depth of your individual quest.


This is not a game. This requires a degree of intelligence. This will be measured by your ability of participation. Processing of this world is handled by your mind: how you think, how you interact, and the amount of time you spend.

There are no support services within the Durendel Project. You must figure it out on your own. Each person will experience something differently. The experiences are based on 'keywords' or 'links' you decide to click on. Participation begins with the 'keyword' or 'links' you're thinking about and what the universe may or may not display.


On occasion material from the parallel web has been adapted for invited guests to experience. Unfortunately, these are only elements of the environment, the true alternative reality is about the socialization and interaction between the inhabitants. Because of the complexities of its structure, software requirements, and cost, access has been restricted.

Beginning in 2024 access to the parallel web will be available thru selected membership societies. As a supporter of the project you will have priority access. We will contact you with information as it is available if you are on the guestlist.

In order to get the full experience of THEPYLI.COM, then you are required to have JavaScript and Pop-Ups enabled in your browser. This is necessary to engage in everything the project has to offer.